Bon Appetit

We worked with Bon Appétit to create a new logo and custom typeface for the magazine. We were inspired by the team’s bold and iconic image-driven approach to cover design and the nostalgic wink of the 50s & 60s cookbook photography style. 

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We worked with Wolff Olins to create a custom typeface and logo for Sage, the UK-based accounting and financial services application.

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92NY is a cultural organization in New York City which provices a wide variety of community services and arts initiatives.

To rebrand 92NY, we partnered with Pentagram to create a custom typeface and logo in the Didot style.

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As longtime Sweetgreen fans it was a blast to imagine a new logo and custom typeface for this incredible company. We worked with our friends at Collins to customize our Owners typeface for the brand.

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We're honored to have assisted Team Design in crafting the Pfizer wordmark!

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New logo for, an innovative mortgage provider.

Primary Information

New logo for our friends and collaborators at Primary Information, an incredible non-profit publisher specializing in facsimile editions and writings by contemporary artists.


New logo for the project management app, Flow.

Electronic Arts

We created a new logo and family of custom fonts for Electronic Arts, the legendary video game publisher and distributor. In collaboration with Skylight Collective.

Warner Bros.

We’re thrilled to help out Emily Oberman’s team at Pentagram on the redesign of the Warner Bros. identity. We drew a new shield, wordmark, and custom typeface.

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The Atlantic

In collaboration with Peter Mendelsund and Oliver Munday, we created a new logo for The Atlantic. We also created a custom typeface, Atlantic Condensed, inspired by the original nameplate from the first issues of the magazine.

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Fisher Price

MCKL collaborated with Emily Oberman’s team at Pentagram on a new logo and custom typeface for Fisher Price. 

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Red Hat

In collaboration with Paula Scher’s team at Pentagram, MCKL created a new word mark and custom typeface for Red Hat, the North Carolina-based Linux distributor and provider of open-source software. 

Read more about the new brand at Red Hat, and download the fonts at GitHub.


MCKL collaborated with Target on a logo for the new brand Everspring, their eco-friendly line of household products. The mark is based on Superior Title.

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MCKL collaborated with Turner Duckworth to create a logo for Tillamook, the Oregon-based  producer of beloved cheese and ice cream products. We took inspiration from script logos from their 110-year history.

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We drew a new logo and custom typefaces for Uber, in collaboration with Wolff Olins. Uber Move is inspired by early 20th-century sans serifs like Futura and Neuzeit Grotesk, reimagined through the lens of transportation fonts from around the world.

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MCKL collaborated with Collins to create a new logo and family of custom typefaces for Ogilvy, one of the biggest advertising agencies in the world.

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American Express

MCKL collaborated with Pentagram partner Abbott Miller to create a new system of logos for American Express. The new identity includes a revised 'blue box' logo, as well as new lettering for outside the box and a small scale 'AMEX' icon.

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Expedia Group

Expedia Group is the parent company of Expedia,, Orbitz, Hotwire, and a bunch of other popular travel-related websites. We worked with Paula Scher's team at Pentagram to craft a custom wordmark and typeface for Expedia Group.

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